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Kilim Weaving

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Dimension: 100*150cm
Title: Doll Design (available in different patterns)
Origin: Shiraz, Fars, Iran
Material: Sheep wool – Hand woven – Dyed with natural colors
Standard dimensions for kilim: 60*90 – 80*120 – 100*150 – 150*200 – 200*300
Notes: Sirjan kilim is one of the most famous kilims of Iran with very high quality of material and weaving technique.


Kilim is a kind of wool carpet without pile which is woven as double faced and jointed based on subjective designs. The raw material is usually sheep wool which after being spun and dyed is used as warp and woof. In addition to sheep wool, wool of other domestic animals such as camel and goat is also used in Kilim weaving. Kilim weaving as one of the most primitive subjective carpets of nomads has a long antiquity. Since the time human could manipulate nature by using their artistic talent and creativity, they learned techniques of using it and took steps forward for upgrading weaving. The weaving of Kilim has been one of the first steps of using animal wool for meeting human needs. Following it and with improvements in weaving methods and looms, different kind of this weaving like Jajim, Ziloo, Somak and Verni were formed with major changes made not only in their design but also in raw materials and type of weaving. The common point of these flat weavings is that they have no pile. Being double faced is among the advantages of Kilim.

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